The exciting new elliptical hull Drifter range of boats combines the stability of our punt style boat with the ride and handling of our dinghies. A wide beam at the waterline which carries well forward will carry the increased weight of popular 4 stroke motors and is ideal for fishing while the dead rise at the bow enables the Bluefin Drifters to better handle choppy conditions.

The Drifters come loaded with standard features including side pockets, transducer brackets, grab handles and rowlocks and are available with a comprehensive list of options. See your Bluefin dealer today. The Bluefin Drifters are available in 3.4m, 3.6m, 3.8m, 3.95, 4.15m and 4.3m. The Tournament range of Drifters will include the popular features found in our Estuary Trekkers and will come in a 3.95m, 4.15m and 4.3m model.

Larger drain bung (3.95/4.15/4.30 x 2)
Solid corners
Bow eyes
Anchor shelf
Grab handles
Bow rails (3.95/4.15/4.30)
Large bench seats
Inner keel (3.95/4.15/4.30)
Motor pad
Fuel tank rack standard (3.95/4.15/4.30)
Rear handles
Side rails (3.95/4.15/4.30)
Side pockets
Checker plate foredeck (3.95/4.15/4.30)
Transducer bracket (3.8/3.95/4.15/4.3)
Bilge pump bracket (3.8/3.95/4.15/4.30)
Nyalic Clear Coat Protectant

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